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Customer Success Stories


Berthold Kunrath GmbH

"As a real time saver, the chance has been proved during the ongoing simulation with Stampack to view the results of completed calculations," explains Marco Schorr, General Manager and head of design at Kunrath . "If a problem becomes visible, the process is stopped, made the appropriate changes in the CAD and the simulation then started again. Even such details make daily work easier and shorten the optimization process."


Accurate tool contact surface into deep drawing part, determinating size and material thickness.

Stampack Benefits.

Transfer results of simulation into the physical draw component with accuracy, saving time and costs.

Berthold Kunrath GmbH  Major providers for tooling of complex stamped and drawn parts in Germany

Simulation | Component

kunrath deep drawing part tool metalforming simulation software germany automotive sector sheet metal

Kunrath deep drawing part simulation in Stampack sheet metal forming


Kawasaki Heavy Industriy

Kawasaki Heavy Industry is the 2nd largest supplier in Japan of formed components for the aeronautic sector, including all the major manufacturers in the world.


Simulation of hydro-formed components is required to optimise the manufacturing process, improve automation while providing the desired component quality. Defect prediction prior to physical prototyping is vital. Can Stampack reproduce real problems?

Stampack Benefits.

Accurate prediction of the hydro-forming defects found in real components is enabling KHI to better automate their manufacture, provide higher quality components while saving time and reducing costs.

Kawasaki Heavy Industriy  2nd. Largest Supplier in Japan

Simulation | Component



AISIN-Seiki is one of the major suppliers to all the main automotive manufacturers including Toyota, Nissan, Daimler-Chrysler, GM, etc. In 2009 the consolidated company had 47.500 employees and a net income of 55 billion €.


It is important to simulate the pressing of thick components in order to predict the through-thickness distortion and anisotropic behaviour of the thick sheet.

Stampack Benefits.

Using a full 3D Solid approximation (not shell) for the pressing simulation the Stampack simulation shows excellent comparison with the physical prototype in all respects. Accuracy enables better predictive engineering and product/process design methodologies.

AISIN-Seiki  Top automotive supplier

Simulation | Component




Grupo ESSA

Grupo ESSA is the largest company group in Catalonia, 3rd largest in Spain, producing stamped parts for the automotive industry. Major supplier to Nissan, SEAT, VW and Skoda.


Accurate simulation software for their engineering department to design the tooling and pressing of various internal components suffering from large springback. This is required in order to interact in a concurrent engineering manner with Grupo ESSA clients in order to improve designs.

Stampack Benefits.

Not only did Stampack improve the quality of die production for parts experiencing lots of spring-back but the determination of press tonnage required enabled Grupo ESSA to optimise their press production lines.

Grupo ESSA  3rd largest group in Spain