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Stampack Patch Release V 7.2.3 | Modified Features

Fixed Bugs

  • Some bug fixed on the sheet hydroforming processes.
  • Computation time reduced when more than 8 threads are employed.
  • Added a new functionality to terminate the solver processes that cannot finish when the user click on "Terminate" button.
  • Some special case on the license checking.
  • Improvement and bug fixing in contact algorithm.
  • Improvement in the preprocessing of STL meshes.


  • Bug fixed on the standard definition when creating the TFD curves.
  • Save the model process evolution to fix a bug when Stampack closes unexpectedly does not miss the connection with the models that are already running.
  • Bug fixed when trying to make a snapshot with the named format "snaphot-09.png".
  • Added the number of points historical to the preference window to change the number of output points on the historical graphs.

*Download the Stampack Patch V 7.2.3 [Win 64bit]

Please click here to download Stampack Patch V 7.2.3 [Password: Stampack723PatchWin64]

Stampack Patch Release V 7.2.2 | Modified Features

FLC Approximation

  • The Patch 7.2.2 has an improvement on the Forming Limit Curve (FLC) approximation for Aluminium Materials.

FLC Graph

  • Implemented and improvement in the visualization limits of the Forming Limit Curve (FLC) graph in post-process.


  • The toolbars are configurable.
  • All the icons can be now activated or deactivated.


  • Added preferences button in the calculate window.
  • Users can modify the number of CPU cores.

Contact Algorithm

  • Contact algorithm for 3D solid formulation has been modified. Penalty, cutoff and frequency parameters are set automatically and user does not need to take care of them.

Maximum Shear Strain

  • Enhancement in the definition of the Maximum Shear Strain for TFD (Triaxiality Forming Diagram) Approximation

Reaction Forces

  • 3D solid springback reaction forces of constraints are now shown in the results.
  • Do not change render mode when using move option.
  • Enhanced post-processing reducing size of *.f17 calculation files for 3D solid models.
  • Enhancement regarding calculation of total execution time has been implemented.

Fixed Bugs

  • General improvement in the speed-up of the Stampack interface has been implemented.
  • The blanking functionality has been modified and the execution speed increased.
  • The move function has been modified and now, the execution speed has been modified.
  • The Calculate Icon remained sometimes active after calculation termination.
  • Do not cancel commands when changing the render.
  • Density units for rubber in US system were not set correctly.
  • Contact pressure in US system was not shown properly.


  • Several improvements and bug fixing in solid formulation contact algorithm:
  • More robust in general, especially between flexible contact pairs.
  • Robust handling of initially penetrated nodes.
  • Improvement on time computations (around 5-15% less).
  • Fixed all bugs detected and reported by end-users.
  • Fixed all bugs detected and reported by end-users in Trop Solver.

*Download the Stampack Patch V 7.2.2 [Win 64bit]

Please click here to download Stampack Patch V 7.2.2 [Password: Stampack722PatchWin64]

New in Stampack V 7.2

Stampack V 7.2 | GUI

New Graphical User Interface

  • The graphical user interface has been redesigned to improve the look & feel, increase the accessibility to commands, clarify the information and simplify the layout leading to a wider workspace.

Redesign model and results toolbars

  • The toolbars have been redesigned to maximize pictogram visibility and grouping them in more efficient and cleaner categories.

New Geometry/Mesh and Model/Results Toggle system

  • A new toggle system has been developed to increase the speed of access to the geometry or mesh mode and the communication between visualization of the model and results. A much more agile and easy operation for the user.

Stampack V 7.2 | Trim Optimization Module

New Trim Optimization Module

  • Stampack trim optimizer (TROP) is an automatic trimming line optimization module for 3D shell Simulations. It is an essential tool for the determination of optimum blank shapes and trimming lines. The trim line is rapidly determined to ensure that the desired shape and dimensions of the part boundary are obtained at the end of those operations which follow the trimming operation. TROP automatically adjusts the trim line to remove or add sheet metal until the desired part boundary (Target) is achieved. The trim optimization module for 3D Shell models has the following features:
  • Blank outline optimization, including holes.
  • Intermediate cutting lines optimization.
  • Automatic trim line creation according to simple or complex targets.
  • Complete or partial target support.

Stampack V 7.2 | New Units System | Standard Classification for Materials

Click on image and slide left to right

Metric - English

  • Stampack Version 7.2 has incorporated the use of the two most internationally agreed systems of measurement, The Metric System and The English (or Imperial Units) System. 

New - Standard Classification

  • This version 7.2 allows the classification of materials using the European, Japanese, Chinese or US standards.

Stampack V 7.2 | Development of New Contact Search Algorithm [Master Cube Grid]

New - Optimized CPU Performance

  • In previous solvers, the CPU performance was not optimized during contact search because it was an all-to-all method. The new algorithm accelerates the element search with the nearest centroid, achieved using a domain subdivision and preforming the search inside the cells or cubes.
  • With the new developments, the total CPU time is reduced mantaining accuracy due to:
    Faster nearest searching and avoiding projections and reaction force calculations in non contact candidates. The speed-up of the new method goes from 10% for examples with small number of elements to 56% for industrial cases with big number of elements.


  • New TROP solver for Shell.
  • Solid solver robustness enhancement and various bug fixings
  • Shell solver robustness enhancement and bug fixings
  • Improvements and bug fixings in the cutting and blanking algorithm

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Stampack | Patch V 7.1.2

Stampack Patch V 7.1.2 | April 2016

Graphical User Interface


New features:

  • Updated mouse cursor in POST FLC / TFD graph when selecting points

Fixed bugs:

  • Some entries remained hidden
  • Using auxiliary tools with assigned follower loads
  • Blanking algorithm fixing some specific models and improving mesh quality
  • Saving images in the window animate in post-process




  • Springback Sovler
  • New strategy to provide better performance and robustness in springback solution for shell geometries

Fixed bugs:

  • Cutting Solver:
    • Corrected some bugs in cutting and refinement stage, improving the output mesh quality
  • Shell Solver:
    • Out of range displacement in some nodes after cutting stage, in case of restart
    • Fixed contact lost in tool-tool contacting points
    • Fixed wrong label in historical curves when post-process output is requested in terms of tool stroke
  • Solid Solver:
    • Fixed abnormal behaviour of auxiliary tools
    • Problem when redefining follower loads that were previously defined

Stampack Patch 7.1.2 also includes all updates & fixed bugs previously released on Stampack Patch 7.1.1

Stampack Patch V 7.1.1 | November 2015

Graphical User Interface


New features:

  • Semiautomatic option for GUI reporting
  • Added the Japanese translation catalog

Fixed bugs:

  • IGES/STEP import
  • Titles of the graphs of the material
  • Drag & Drop at the postitioning stage
  • Snapshot window in postprocess
  • Springback implicit operation when using more than one blank zones
  • Multi stretch-bending operations bug fixed
  • Labeling result node values in postprocess
  • Editing punch movement curve in hydroforming



Cutting solver improvements:

  • Increased blanking solver efficiency (40% faster and less memory usage)

Cutting solver fixed bugs:

  • Refinement bug corrected
  • Cutting in solid elements
  • Small solid elements after cutting
  • Orientation in solid elements after cutting
  • Nodal interpolation of variables, giving negative jacobian after cutting

Springback solver fixed bugs:

  • Springback Shell solver - Corrected bug regarding the labeling of remeshed (refinement/cutting) nodes - bug found in prescribed boundaries conditions

Stampack V 7.1

*New unified licensig system

*New Versions/modules activation by license [Version A / Version V / Version Z]

*New components manager, main controls and selector procedure

*STEP format added in the import menu

*New concept to store geometries and meshes into separate categories and subcategories [BLANKS - TOOLS - OPERATIONS]

*Added the Drag & Drop functionality on list boxes

*Export / Update an external material database

*New materials and methodologies

*Allowed mouse wheel Zoom in/out

Stampack Versions


  • Basic Stampack Incremental 2D and 3D Shell. Stamping, deep-drawing and progressive die processes. Spring-back / spring-forward modules included. No limit on number of forming operations. Multiple CPU solver.


  • Professional Stampack Incremental 2D, 3D Shell and 3D solid. Stamping, deep-drawing and progressive die processes. Spring-back / spring-forward modules included. No limit on number of forming operations. Multiple CPU solver, multiple blanks.


  • Advanced Stampack Incremental 2D, 3D Shell and 3D Solid. Stamping, deep-drawing, progressive die processes, hydro-forming, stretch-forming, packaging and spring-back / spring-forward modules included. Multistage forming operations, multiple CPU solver, multiple blanks.


  • Stampack’s Trim Optimization Module for the determination of optimum blank shapes and trimming lines in stamping, deep drawing and progressive die process. 3D Shell formulation. Available for [A], [V] or [Z] packages.